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New album Ape Shifter II out now!

Heavy Progressive Riff Rock Tour

presented by MAXIMUM Booking, Dunlop, D Addario, Earebel, EVH, Hipshot, and F&P

28.04.2022 DE-Reutlingen, FranzK

30.04.2022 DE-Kempten, 13th Floor Kulturetage (as support for SUPERSUCKERS!)                

06.05.2022 DE-Oberhausen, Gdanska

07.05.2022 DE-Bremen, Lila Eule

21.05.2022 SI-Ljubljana, Channel Zero

22.05.2022 AT-Salzburg, Rockhouse

23.05.2022 DE-Bamberg, Live Club

25.05.2022 CZ-Jablonec nad Nisou, Klub Na Rampe

28.05.2022 DE-Homburg, Maifest





"Haskett" Video from APE SHIFTER II

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"Sakrotani" Video from debut release APE SHIFTER I

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"7 Years Fat, 7 Years Lean" Video from APE SHIFTER II

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Promo Video for the debut album out on 31.03.2017!

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Performing "Uhluhtc" (Live)

Performing "Uhluhtc" live on 08.04.2016 at
 Rainbow for Ape Shifter's debut concert!

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Press Reviews

“Hard rockin' guitar instrumentals that deliver a real PUNCH. Good solid stuff that'll make the walls and floors SHAKE.” - Baby Sue

“With no deficit of trios that drive metal wedge into fusion context, guitarist Jeff Aug has a special edge to stand out on: his experience in punk zip and acoustic flip alongside regular rock moves. All of this informs the American expat's new venture whose debut, recorded in only two days to seize the moment's immediacy, is a charming, if complex, endeavor.” - Let It Rock

“In some ways they remind me of Trapeze, at others Taste, with an overblown rich guitar sound, and the rhythm section just trying to hold it together while Jeff goes nuts. Sure, there are progressive influences here and there as well, but mostly this is about good solid Seventies instrumental rock, with the emphasis on ROCK.” - Kev Rowland, 05.05.2017

“The eponymous debut album is filled with powerful electric compositions, riff-based over clear playing and drenched in a very pleasant, dirty sounding well of electric effects. Nasty post rock influenced songs with hunches of fusion, brought in the most beautiful way. Ape Shifter is a very strong instrumental rock album, that shows elements from post to shred added with a QOTSA desert touch.” - Pedro Bekkers (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen), Background Magazine

“Hard hitting instrumental progressive rock that wears all the influences of the last 40 years of rock hell raising proudly on it's sleeve. Merrily taking you from hell to heaven, this power trio just plain isn't here to screw around. A crew of proven chopmeisters, this is where the real underground begins. Simply killer stuff.” – MIDWEST RECORD

“'Ape Shifter' the album is an 11 track celebration of how prog rock sounds today. Chock full of all instrumental tracks, it brings together those rockin' 70's riffs, but here plays them off against a punk rock ferocity, adds in swirls of arching metal grooves, and presents an eclectic prog rock album quite like none I've encountered in the past decade.” - Exclusive Magazine

“Musically, (Jeff) Aug's style of playing is very reminiscent of Joe Satriani, Gary Hoey, Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath, with minor hints of Tony MacAlpine thrown in for good measure. There are 11 cuts of groove and riff powered instrumentals on this self titled debut album, and there is not a single dull moment to be found here. The style of songwriting found here, is heavy at times, packed with plenty of catchy grooves, hooks, and an overall sound, which just gets you into the mood to rock out to Jeff's talented and skillful playing.” - Sarjoo Devani, Explicitly Intense

“... shares a lot of DNA with fret wizards like Joe Satriani, Tony MacAlpine and Steve Vai. So it's definitely one for the widdlers out there. It's also on the heavy side with some chunky seventies styled riffs in there.” - The Rocker

“The trio does a fantastic job in terms of displaying stupendous musicianship. There's sincere chemistry and understanding all over the place, but the real charm here are the visceral landscapes the threesome projects, thus making this not just another clinically executed exercise in pretentious overindulgence, but a musical essay enhanced with passion and grit. The album's hallmarks – drums shifting time signatures, face slapping bass lines and crusty guitars are all present and correct. Each of these 11 songs offers an intriguing snapshot of the enormous breadth of talent. But perhaps the biggest achievement of this album is that although it's an instrumental record, there's not a dull moment to be found. 8 out of 10.” - The Rocktologist

“Animalistic and aggressive are two ways to describe Ape Shifter a new intense, progressive and loud instrumental species of rock that is set to be uncaged upon the world...” Sights and Sounds of Note

„Kein Werk für den Mittagschlaf, sondern etwas für die Autobahn, bei Tempo 180 und deutlich darüber.“ Classic Rock Magazine, April 2017

Was der amerikanische Gitarrist Jeff Aug und seiner zwei deutschen Kollegen Florian Walter (Bass) und Kurty Münch (Schlagzeug) auf der Pfanne haben, erkennt man an einer kleinen, unscheinbaren Randbemerkung dieser CD: "The album was recorded live in the studio. There are no overdubs or punch-ins" heißt es da in den Produktionsfakten. Hört man Aug mit diesem Wissen in seiner neuen Band Ape Shifter seine heiße Rockaxt malträtieren, fällt einem nur der Begriff "virtuos" ein. Stilistisch gibt es auf dem Debüt dieses kernigen Trios progressiven Riff-Rock, ohne Gesang, mit Anleihen an die 70er und geradezu orgiasticher Wildheit. Kein Werk für den Mittagschlaf, sondern etwas für die Autobahn, bei Tempo 180 und deutlich darüber. Classic Rock Magazine, April 2017.

Das Power-Trio rund um den Gitarristen Jeff Aug spielt progressiven Instrumental-Rock: laut, brutal und intensiv. Aug dürfte vielen eher als äußerst innovativer und versierter Akustikgitarrist bekannt sein. Nicht weniger innovativ zeigt sich der Tausendsassa an der E-Gitarre und veredelt die Songs mit einer Vielzahl an martialischen Sounds. Ähnlich rabiat zeigen sich Florian Walter am Bass und Kurty Münch an den Drums, die gnadenlos und mit voller Wucht in dieselber Kerbe hauen. Ein hörenswertes Debut. 4/5 Stern, Guitar Magazine, März 2017

APE SHIFTER sind Jeff Aug (g), Kurty Münch (dr) und Florian Walter (b), die auf ihrem Debüt instumentalen Rock spielen, mal retro, mal progressiv, mal hard, mal metallig. Jeff Aug kann das alles, hat lange mit Anne Clark gespielt und neben ein paar Band-Alben alleine acht akustische Longplayer veröffentlicht. Ein hyperaktiver Musiker, der auch noch als Tour-Veranstalter erfolgreich ist, hat hier mal wieder ganz ordentlich aufs gitarristische Gaspedal getreten GITARRE & BASS Magazine, April 2017

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